About us

Cake Fantastique is a small family run home business where Samantha's passion for creating cakes means that 'Every cake is special'. Sam endeavours to create the best cake for your budget with love and it is freshly baked with the best ingredients available. Cake Fantastique is fully registered and insured for your peace of mind.

Cake Fantastique is a home business situated in Callow Hill, Redditch, direct address will be given on email only. Orders can be placed online, over the phone or in person (by appointment only). Payments can be done by card online, bank transfer or in cash.

Contact details
Telephone: 01527 401 236
Mobile / WhatsApp: 07773 298 563
(Pleae note: Due to bad signal area, mobile is not always available, please leave a meassage or phone land line)
Email: Info@cakefantastique.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cakefantastique
Web: www.cakefantastique.com
Address: Callow Hill, Redditch, B97 5YT

Opening times
Consultations / Appointment can be arranged during business hours.
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.
Saturday collections are between 10am - 11am only.
Email / phone quotes will be giving during business hours only.
Online orders can be done 24/7

Notice for cakes
Please note the notice period for cakes are 10 working days notice.
Sometimes we are able to squeeze in an order, so do ask, but know that if we dont have availablity, there simply isnt enough hours in the day, sorry. 

Deposits and booking cakes
A 50% non returnable booking fee MUST be paid in order to book your cake in. No cakes are booked without booking fee. Payment plans can be arranged for wedding cakes or bigger cakes, but will not be booked in until 50% is reached. Deposits must be paid with 10 days notice.

Delivery in Callow Hill is Free of charge.

£3 delivery within Redditch. 

£3/mile to destination within 10 miles in and around Callow Hill, Redditch.
Wedding cake delivery will be discussed at wedding consultation as it depends on set up, venue and nature of cake. 

Cake Fantastique caters for a wide variety of diets and flavours. All cakes are vegetarian and nut free - unless otherwise specified. Great care is taken with your order and allergens, but we cannot 100% guarentee cross contamination as premises have wheat, nut, milk and egg products on site. 
All online orders are automatically Plain sponge with mixed fruit jam and vanilla frosting.
 If you require a different flavour, it has to be confirmed via email. Flavours incur additional cost, depending on flavour and size of cake and will be charged for seperately and discussed via email/phone.

Allegy advise: 
Plain sponge contains wheat, milk, soya and eggs
Gluten free contains milk, soya and eggs
Vegan contains wheat, no milk, no eggs (dairy free, egg free), soya
Mixed fruit jam contains no strawberry
Frosting contains milk
Vegan frosting contains no milk
Lemon curd contains eggs
Ganache contains milk
Royal icing contains eggs
Macaroons contain nuts (almond)
Some sweets, biscuts, chocolates may contain wheat, milk, eggs, soya, nuts, etc. these will be specified per order.

You can choose from our range of other flavours:

Please note that gluten free, vegan and red velvet are short crumb cakes which cannot always be used for novelty / carved cakes or stacked cakes (depends on shape). They will be fine as top tier cakes.

Plain sponge with mixed fruit jam and vanilla frosting
Plain sponge with white chocolate ganache 
Plain sponge Gluten Free with mixed fruit jam and vanilla frosting
Plain sponge Vegan with mixed fruit jam and vegan frosting
Plain sponge with alcohol infusion, price depends on alcohol. (gin, ciroc, etc)

Chocolate with chocolate frosting
Chocolate with milk chocolate ganache
Chocolate with Baileys Frosting (also available as gluten free and vegan)
Chocolate Gluten Free with chocolate frosting
Chocolate Vegan with chocolate vegan frosting
Chocolate with Oreo frosting
Chocolate Vegan with Oreo vegan frosting
Chocolate with alcohol infusion, price depends on alcohol. (triple sec, Tia maria, etc)

Also available in
Chocolate mint - plain, gluten free, vegan,
Chocolate orange - plain, gluten free, vegan
Chocolate Hazelnut - plain, gluten free, hazelnut frosting

Lemon with lemon curd and lemon frosting
Lemon Gluten Free with lemon curd and lemon frosting
Lemon Vegan with thick lemon drizzle and lemon frosting

Carrot with cream cheese frosting (with or without walnuts)
Carrot Gluten free with cream cheese frosting (with or without walnuts)

Raspberry with raspberry jam and vanilla frosting
Raspberry Gluten free with raspberry jam and vanilla frosting
Raspberry vegan with raspberry vegan frosting

Bubblegum sponge with mixed fruit jam and bubblegum frosting
Bubblegum Gluten Free with mixed fruit jam and bubblegum frosting
Bubblegum Vegan with mixed fruit jam and bubblegum frosting

Strawberry with strawberry jam and vanilla frosting
Strawberry Gluten Free with strawberry jam and vanilla frosting
Strawberry Vegan with strawberry jam and vegan frosting

Biscoff - plain sponge with lotus biscoff spread and biscoff frosting
Biscoff - plain Vegan sponge with lotus biscoff spread and biscoff frosting

Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
(Please note that Red velvet is especially soft and does not like to be stacked or carved, so some designs might not be possible in this flavour)

Other flavours can be made up as you like like cocktail flavours - tequila sunrise, Pornstar martini, Tia Maria, spiced rum and ginger, elderflower and lemon, pink gin, lime gin and tonic, Guinness chocolate, etc

Seasonal flavours available like Mango and passionfruit, Strawberries and cream, black forest, Gingerbread, Mince pie, orange and Cranberry. 

Coloured layered cakes as ombre (one colour in different shades) and
Rainbow layered cakes require 3 - 6 layers depending on colours you want. Please note that because these are coloured and baked seperate, they incur more time and therefor cost more.


  • Cakes cancelled with 10 days notice can be refunded for funds you already paid, a £2 admin fee will be charged.
  • Cakes moved with 10 days notice can do so without incurring any additional cost, if date is unknown or your want to use deposit on a later cake, we can create a credit note for you instead of refund.
  • Cakes cancelled or moved with less than 10 days notice will lose the 50% non returnable deposit as ingredients or decorations will already have been aquired for your cake.

Your cake will have been checked for accurancy on collection and signed for. If you see a design fault with your cake, please raise the issue on collection, as it can be fixed then and there. Once you leave the premises, your cake is your responsibility. If you see a design fault after collection, you must return it at once for us to fix at your own cost.
We take great care to ensure the best quality ingredients for your cake. Althought if you encounter a taste issue, you must bring back at least 75% of the cake for investgation. The cake will be thoroughly tested, if any issues are confirmed, refund options will be discussed with you. No compensation is given at any time.

Transporting your cake
Your cake will come on a cake board in a box with  a lid. We advice that you transport your cake upright at ALL times, in boot of car, in footwell or on your lap.
NEVER on the seat, as it will slant and your cake might fall over if tiered, or have figures on, or cake layers could move and alter the look of the cake and make it unstable.
NEVER put a seatbelt around a cake, it will bend the sides of the box and damage your cake.
NEVER TILT the box, as figures could fall over and cake can move inside, making it unstable.
NEVER bend the sides of the box, as it might damage your cake.
Keep cake at cool room temperature at all times, do not leave in a car all day.
Frosted cakes need to be refrigerated in hot weather.
At venues, make sure the cake or cake table is not near heating panels as it will melt the frosting, slide and make cake unstable.
Please respect our years of experience and trust that we want our work to reach its destination in one piece.
If any of these suggestions were not followed, it will void any refund claims.

We thank you for support us and look forward to making your cake shortly.