Basic drip cake
Basic drip cake

Basic drip cake

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6" serves 10 portions
6" Tall serves 20 portions

8" serves 20 portions
8" Tall serves 40 portions

Toppers can be added seperately to basket, search topper and add. 

*Oreo - Choc sponge, oreo frosting, choc drip and oreos on top,
*Lotus biscoff - Caramel sponge with lotus biscoff frosting, caramel drip and biscuits on top,
*Chocolate orange - Chocolate orange sponge, Orange frosting and choc fudge, choc drip, Terry's chocolate orange slices on top.
*Chocolate Mint - Chocolate mint sponge, Mint frosting and choc fudge, cho drip, Aero choc Bubbles on top.
*White Chocolate - Plain sponge with white choc ganache, White choc frosting and drip, with Milky bar mini chocs on top. (can do coloured frosting, like pink etc)
*Ferrero Rocher - Chocolate sponge, Hazelnut/Ferrero frosting, choc drip with Ferrero Rocher on top.
*Kinder beuno - Chocolate sponge with hazelnut frosting, white choc drip, Kinder chocs on top. (kinder eggs/hippos additional options)
*Malteser - Chocolate sponge with chocolate/malteser frosting, choc drip, maltesers on top
*Snickers - Chocolate sponge with caramel frosting, choc drip and Mini snickers on top.
*KitKat - Chocolate sponge with kitkat frosting, choc drip and mini kitkat on top
*Roses Chocolates - Plain pr Chocolate sponge with vanilla/choc frosting, choc drip and various Roses chocolates on top
*Lindor Chocolates - Plain or Chocolate sponge with vanilla/choc frosting, choc drip and various Lindor chocolates on top, or you can choose a specific flavour.

When ordering, please verify Collection date and Inscription via email or Whatsapp 07773298563.

Please Note: 

  • 10 working days notice, we can sometimes squeeze you in, its always worth a call, but if not, its because there isn't enough hours in the day.
  • All cakes ordered online will be for collection in Callow Hill, Redditch, address to be confirmed in email. Delivery is available at an additional charge on request only.
  • Cakes for delivery to Havilands Tearoom in Stratford-Upon-Avon, must state it in confirmation email, otherwise it will be for collection in Redditch.
  • All cakes ordered online come standard as Plain sponge with mixed fruit jam and vanilla buttercream. OTHER FLAVOURS will be charged for additionally, depending on flavour and size, see About us page for full list available. 
  • Size and portion chart available in About us page.
  • Other sizes and colours available on request, email or phone for details.